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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Overcome Evil with Good

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21

Newtown, Connecticut has begun the overwhelming task of laying  the bright, the beautiful, the fallen to rest.  Wonderful little people.  Inspiring, incredibly heroic adults.  Such the opposite of the dark, menacing, cowardice that took the light from their eyes that day.

One soul.  One soul yielded to the darkest evil and changed a nation forever, changed a town forever, changed 27 families forever.  It leaves us asking, how can we overcome this?  How can we protect ourselves and our families?  How can we prevent this?   One soul changed the future for so many.  What would our world be like if more than one yielded to good, and light, and God?

See the damage one sick soul, one prepared individual managed to inflict.  And all it took was his willingness to yield his own body and mind to evil.  Once that was settled, the rest became a horrific and heinous ending to his empty life.  Once he yielded to the darkness, his end was written.  And the end of those little angels' lives as well, though they will live forever.

While we dare not minimize this losses suffered of these precious babes, these wonderful teachers and administrators--we must remember that in the midst of human suffering comes the opportunity for yielding ourselves to God as His servants to minister to a lost and dying world, to be His hands extended, reaching out to the hurting, the suffering, the grieving, and yes, the lost living in darkness.

Christ, one individual, yielded once and for all time to the cross.  Once that was decided, His future and the future of believers was written.  And the good that came from His submission to God and good and light had far greater reach than the acts of one demon-possessed, tormented soul.  We have an opportunity to share the good news to a hurting world.  We have the commandment to share with them the hope that we have, that Christ came to set the captive free, to open the eyes of the blind, and He has the power to deliver from a life of darkness.

It is not just a good idea to share the gospel, but it is a commandment.  Commands are given to soldiers from their superiors for good reason.  We are given our marching orders.  We have the instructions.  "Overcome evil with good."  What we must do in this life to fight evil is to be a light.  

Adam spent hours of his life in a dark basement with no windows practicing killing on a computer game. No sunshine.  No healthy light.  No words of encouragement.  Hours filling his mind with garbage and violence.  How many of our own have been exposed to the dark side?  How many of our own are struggling not to yield?   How many of our own are waiting, longing, needing godly counsel or a loving influence in their lives?  Who will shine the love of Christ into their dark worlds?  Who is going to tell this generation about the hope in Christ Jesus...that there is a better way.  

If one can do so much in one day, one hour, to destroy--what could many of us do for good and God in the time He has given us on this earth?  Take your candle, Go light your world.

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